They played » Karuzela (Polska)

The band „Karuzela” formed 6 years ago. From the very beginning they have been consciously creating urban dance music. Their favourite performance venues are dance floors, bar boards, friends’ houses and yards. At its core this is applied music, for dancing. Without dances the band loses its main performance objective – to stimulate. The dance genres the band particularly favours are – characteristic of the Polish native culture – polkas, waltzes, kujawiaks, or, adapted in Poland in the 20th century, the tango. The band finds insatiable fascination in the melodics and specificity of Polish dances, and in the rhythm of simple children’s counting songs, and also draws inspiration from truly beautiful melodies or musical elements regardless of their origin. However, the core of the band’s activity is creating new melodies, constant search and experimenting with rhythm.

If our wild imagination and performance will be able to charm and get the listeners onto the dance floor and consequently lead to a fascinating Polish processional dance – we’ll be delighted.    

Marcin Szargut – leader, accordion, vocals

Róża Mościcka – baraban, frame drum, vocals

Jacek Mielcarek – clarinet, saxophone

Kuba Mielcarek – double bass

Katarzyna Andrzejowska – de Latour – 4-tier xylophone

Agata Krawczyk – violin, dulcimer

k – violin


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