They played » Orkiestra Taneczna Bonanza (Polska)

The Bonanza Dance Orchestra plays a traditional dance repertoire performed in the past on Polish dancing parties from the 1930s to 1960s, and in some places up to nowadays. At their concert you will hear traditional obereks and polkas, newer foxtrots, tangos, slowfoxes and waltzes, up to the vaudeville radio hits that every pre-war urban and sub-urban dancer had to know.

And all this in a young, strong form, with crazy energy typical of old orchestras. Get ready! They will not let any dancer drop half a turn!

Band composition:

Zuza Zimończyk – trumpet, vocals
Filip Majerowski – trombone
Paweł Nowicki – baraban, drum
Kuba Zimończyk – 3-row accordion

photo: BABA studio