They played » Polska Ludowa (Poland)

Polska Ludowa – is a side project of two musicians from the well-known Żywiołak band.
The motivation for this kind of side-jump was the desire to look more closely at the region of central Poland, from which musicians come. This coincided naturally with Jaworski’s fascination about the lute music, that he used to work with Oskar Kolberg’s volume 46, “Kaliskie Sieradzkie”.

Zuza Ciszewska – talented violinist and vocalist with a cool and subdued approach to music, intuitively translated her fascination with baroque music into the project.
What emerged from this collaboration resembles a fair combination of folk music and old music.

Zuza Ciszewska – five-string violin, baritone violin, baraban
Robert Jaworski – hurdy gurdy, late-renaissance lute, hoop drum.