Private: Festival Location » Bourrée 3 temps

Worshop leaders: Marta Tomczak and Krzystof Rogulski

ourrée 3 temps (from basics)

Bourrée is a term for an extremely diverse group of traditional dances, characteristic for the regions of central France. Arrangements can be simple, danced by just two persons, or more complex – involving a larger group of dancers and using additional figures.

During the workshop, we will deal with the form of bourrée 3 temps, which comes from Auvergne and is probably the most recognizable dance at folk balls. This dance is largely based on improvisation and play between the partners. There is no single leader, the entire dance is an exchange of propositions and answers, and there is no fixed structure. Although the whole thing may seem a little chaotic, nobody collides on the dance floor, because apart from the fact that we have our partner in dance, we all dance together and pay attention to everyone around.

During the workshops, we will be focusing on a variant danced in pairs, with the use of a characteristic hand movement and frequent spinning. We will master the way you move and provide tools that allow you to communicate with your partner – without words!

Whenever possible, we’ll add some ornaments. Workshop will start from the base, well-developed body coordination and a sense of rhythm will be helpful.