Open Air Museum “Granica”, Kampinos

Open Air Museum of the Kampinos Forest National Park in Granica, 05-085 Kampinos, POLAND

This year the festival’s co-organizer is the Kampinoski National Park, which enabled us to use the facilities of the Park’s open-air museum in Granica, located in the Land of Chopin, near Żelazowa Wola, close to Warsaw.

Open-air museum of the Didactic and Museum Center of Jadwiga and Roman Kobendz, part of Kampinoski National Park, is one of the Warsaw closest open-air museums of rural life. The place consists of three homesteads from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, named after their last owners. Among the historic buildings, the Widemayer’s 150-square meter thick thatched farmhouse, which has a fine wooden floor, is remarkable. That’s where we’ll be dancing!

Czarci Chutor, Kampinos

Komorów, 05-085 Kampinos

Czarci Chutor is about 30 minutes walking distance from the Museum (it is perfectly doable by car or bicycle also). After the end of daytime concerts in the open-air museum we will dance the way to Czarci Chutor for all-night concerts and music sessions. It will also be possible to stay in a nearby campsite.

Czarci Chutor is a reconstructed Slavic settlement located in the vicinity of the Kampinos Forest, near Skansen in Granica. There is a wooden hut, a tower, a scene, and a pig farm (with a real pig inside!) surrounded by a fenced palisade. The settlement is situated in the meadows and forest.



For the Festival guests will be available camping with Spartan-style showers. For those who do not have their own tents, large scout tents will be prepared.

We also recommend the local accommodation base. Due to the distance from the open-air museum and Chutor, in most cases it requires a car or a bicycle:


Nad Utrata, Mazowieckie Association of Rural Tourism, Podkampinos, Tel. 601 919 894

Pod Świerkami, Lidia i Tadeusz Gołębiewscy, Pasikonie 16, Tel. 603183 371



Wyspa Kampinos, Kampinos, Tel. ,

Stajnia Mandra, Korfowe – Tel. 602501628,

Agrokultura KORFOWE – Tel. 608 782 033,


More places can be found at:



Czarci Chutor will provide you 2 types of catering: one in the more traditional-Polish version (dumplings, bigos), the second in the vegetarian version. Meals will be served in Czarci Chutorze in the morning and in the evening, and at the lunch break in the Open Air Museum in Granica. In Chutor, alcohol will also be available (beer, cider, local drinks).

The nearest shop is 20-minutes away. On site you will be able to buy vegetarian and non-vegeterian hot food and drinks.














Apart of catering in Czarci Chutor, we’d like to recommend you Pizzeria Foresta, which is located 3-4 km from the festival venue.

You can get 10% discount for “NUMINOSUM” password!

The delivery is possible.

address: Szkolna 1, 05-085 Kampinos
phone: +48 22 722 83 90


How to get here

The festival will be held in the woods and fields, surrounded by beautiful nature. At the same time festival site is located near Warsaw:


  • BY CAR in 50 minutes! We will publish a post on our Facebook event where the drivers and passengers can search for each other.
  • BY BUS – first 719 to Leszno, then L29 to Kampinos, then 2 km by feet :). Check the public transport here.
  • PRIVATE MINIBUS – for example this one (cost: ~3 EUR).
    Buses from Warsaw (ul. Marszałkowska Centrum 12), direction: Sochaczew (bus stop: Komorów I 66):

    6:20 7:40 8:40 9:50 11:50 14:00 15:20 16:30 17:40 18:40 19:50 20:50

    Buses from Kampinos (Komorów I/ 66) to Warsaw:

    4:52 5:57 6:27 7:07    7:47 9:47    11:27 13:47   15:11 16:11 17:47 19:42From the bus stop to the festival venue is 2 km distance.

    4:52 5:57 6:27 7:07 7:47 9:47 11:27 13:47 15:11 16:11 17:47 19:42


  • Near the A2 motorway, you can avoid driving through the crowded Warsaw.


  •  30 minutes from Modlin Airport, 50 minutes from Chopin Airport.
    If you go from Modlin Airport you don’t even need to go through Warsaw but directly to Granica near Kampinos. Uber on that route costs around 20 eur (~100 zł) which you can split if more people carpool by Uber.