ARTISTS » Balsam (Poland)

Balsam is a Poland-based balfolk trio of friendship and family. First and foremost, they play for the dancers. With energetic chapelloises, unifying hanter-dros, romantic waltzes and intimate mazurkas in their repertoire, they compose and arrange European dance forms with respect for the traditional pulses and with bravely creative approach.

Balsam goes its own original way. They combine dance music with self-written poetry sung in Polish, which results in a subtle, emotionally honest and heartwarming journey both for the dancers and the listeners away from the dance floor.

In 2019 the group published their debut album “DO”, which is the first balfolk CD in Poland.

Ewa de Mezer – chromatic accordion, vocals, lyrics
Michał Zajączkowski-de Mezer – acoustic guitar, vocals
Jakub “Goldfinch” Szczygieł – Irish flute, low whistle, tin whistle


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