The TransFORMACJA band was founded in the fall of 2021. The name of the group refers to trance and transformation. And this is also the case of the album POTAŃC and the music of Kapela, in which there is a creative process of extracting, transforming and translating into modern language old music and dance traditions from Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, we are looking for madness and trance in these melodies – phenomena that used to be common in traditional dance and music.

The band consists of musicians with extensive experience who have for years penetrated the available sources of traditional music, also playing in other music projects appreciated in Poland:
Daria Butskaya – violin
Olga Owczynnikow – violin
Emilia Raiter – harp
Cezary Bursa – drums
Piotr Zgorzelski – bass, cello, vocal