ARTISTS » WoWaKin Trio (Poland)

The trio WoWaKin bring together their varied backgrounds in classical, jazz and contemporary music to explore the roots of Polish village dance music. They energetically raise the spirit of a traditional village celebration, drawing a new generation of dancers into trance-like state through inventive, open-ended improvisation on a dynamic repertoire of mazurkas, oberkas, polkas, kuyaviaks, Polish-style tangos and songs/lullabies from the regions of Mazovia. Beside the violin, three-row Polish accordion and drums they use banjouke and harmonica.

The unique quality of WoWaKin work has been already recognized by music lovers ,i.a.: awards in prestigious Polish folk competitions (“New tradition”, “Folkowe Mikolajki”), official selection for Womex’17 show. WoWaKin has released their debut album ‘Kraj za miastem’ (“Beyond the Edge of the City”) in Sep’17.

Mateusz Wachowiak
Paula Kinaszewska
Bartłomiej Woźniak

foto: Czarli Bajka