Soon we will give you detailed descriptions of the workshops!


Wniebogłosy – Polish singing workshops with white voice (Agata Harz)


Songs of the East – workshops of traditional ritual songs and psalms from the Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Belarusian borderland (Ewa Karasińska-Gajo)


ABC of Polish dances – how to spin gracefully (Piotr Zgorzelski)


Urban dances from the interwar period – that is what was danced on the old dance evenings (Gregory Ajdacki)


Dances from the Forest – that is what was danced in Kampinos of old days (Grzegorz Ajdacki)


Kujawiak, mazurka – what connects what divides? (Band Napięcie)


Polska in Poland. Swedish dance workshops (Dominik Wóltański and n-obrotów)


Bal folk for beginners. Basic steps and group dances (Patryk Wernio and Agata Abramowicz)


Ceili. Celtic dances: Irish and Breton (Łukasz Giemza)


Mazurka – the most romantic of the dances. Basic step, advanced variations and choreographic arrangements (Gerard Godon)


Scottish – technique to guide and follow in every sort of dance (Gerard Godon)


Asymmetric waltzes – on 3, 5, 8 and 11 (Eric Theze)


A workshop for musicians to play together – how to rip into a music session (Eric Theze)


Pizzica, pizzica! – workshops of dances from the south of Italy (Magdalena Dabrowska and Ewa Karasińska-Gajo)