Workshops » If (and/or/not(…))

Worshop leader: Anke Veens

The secret formula to improvisation in couple dances by Anke Veens (intermediate and advanced)

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it feels good and it’s a myth you should know it all!!!

You don’t need to know or learn complicated patterns to create an interesting dance. Or show all your dips and lifts to your partner. This workshop will focus on partner awareness and co-creation.

This workshop puts emphasis on communication within a dance couple that doesn’t rely on force or step sequences, while still being very clear in an invitation (lead) and reaction (follow). How can we dance in a way that feels effortless yet fully connected for both dancers? AND will give us endless possibilities for improvisation…

Things we’ll explore:
· Being present and tuning in to your partner
· Bringing your authentic self and dance within your ability
· The inviting lead and active follower
· Creativity and playfulness

If you are not looking for more variations but improving the quality of your dances and fun on the dancefloor, this is the workshop to be at!