ViTraMuD Workshops

In frames of the Oskar Kolberg’s Year 2014, celebrated on the 200th anniversary of the Patron’s birth, Foundation for Landscape Protection and Promotion of Regions „NUMINOSUM” realized the Visegrad Traditional Music and Dance project. It consisted of a serie of dance workshop to live music made in 4 countries of the Central-Eastern Europe: Poland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The workshop exchange was designed to enable mutual understanding of cultural exchanges of dancing traditions and to give an opportunity to learn dances of the neighbours. Polish workshops were organized in Prague (26-29 June 2014) and in Oravska Polhora in Slovakia (21-23 November 2014). Czech, Hungarian and Slovak workshops were part of the Oskar Kolberg’s Folk Lore Festival on the 27th September in Warsaw.

All workshops attracted a large attendance of dancers and musicians. They were also an occassion to make new connections and strenghten links between cooperating organizations: Rond Society from Prague, Dance House Society from Warsaw, Tanecny Subor from Oravska Polhora (represented by the Slovak Institute in Warsaw) and the University of Szeged.

This cooperation is continuing on the forthcoming music&dance events in Central-Eastern Europe:

1. Folklorny Puchov, 6 June 2014, Puchov, Slovakia (

2. Prague Bal Folk Weekend, 30-31 January 2016

3. Mestersegek Unnepe, 20-23 August 2015 (

4. Tabor Domu Tańca, Sędek, 2-9 August 2015 (

5. Oskar kolberg’s Folk Lore Festival 2nd edition, 11-13 September 2015

You’re most invited to join!

And here how the workshops looked like:

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